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High Precision Metal Cutting Machine

Kitamura Machines

Hogue Precision Machinery carries Kitamura™ machines, tools, and accessories designed to improve company production and even revenue. Contact us today to learn more about these powerful metal-cutting machines.

Kitamura Product Line

The Kitamura product line covers a wide range of CNC vertical mills ranging in size from travels of 12 x 10 x 12 (X, Y, Z) up to our large bridge mills with a travel of 100 x 68.9 x 31.5 (X, Y, Z).

Their horizontal machining centers go from the smallest HX250G machine (12 x 12 x 13 X,Y,Z) up to the HX1250i machine (80.31 x 51.97 x 53.94 X,Y,Z). Kitamura is also able to offer its horizontal machining centers as a true manufacturing cell system, utilizing the Fastems multi-pallet systems.

My center-G Series: Kitamura's newest machining centers are designed using advanced materials along with ultra-high precision techniques. They offer an exclusive blend of performance, ergonomics, style, and affordability, all wrapped into one smart design.

These systems can be stand-alone or integrated to work with other machines. For 5-axis machines, Kitamura offers its Mytrunnion™ series, as well as the Supercell™ series in 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, or 120 pallets.

Kitamura's original Arumatik-Mi control is as powerful as it is user-friendly. Maximizing operator potential and performance, the Arumatik-Mi's advanced operation features are designed to handle a variety of machining applications, from a highly mixed lot, small runs to high volume production work. Harnessing the power of High Precision Contour Control with a 1680-block look ahead, 2800M of memory, the Arumatik-Mi control embodies optimum performance synergy to provide smoother and faster machining of complex workpieces. A 19" LCD provides for clear, comfortable viewing while both a compact flash memory card and USB interface make for quick and easy data transfer.

Tooling & Accessories

Hogue Precision Machinery offers special tooling for metal, plastic, and ceramics. Our cutting tools are designated for challenging work levels from rough cut to finishing. You can find tools that can cut all material densities from soft to hard metals like stainless steel, titanium, and enamel. We carry tooling products from Command™, Lyndex-Nikken™, Tekniks™, Universal™, Valenite™, and Tecnara™.

You Can Also Find Accessories for Precision Tooling Machines, Including:

  • Chick, Tombstone City, and Kurt Vises and Holding Stands
  • Lyndex-Nikken, Tsudakoma™, and Stevens Rotary Tables
  • LNS Bar Feeders and Holders for Lathes
  • Sharp CNC and Manual Mills and Lathes
  • Renishaw Touch Probe and Tool Breakage Protection

Contact us in Patterson, California, to learn more about the Kitamura and Mighty Viper Machines.